Tools and Services

Services Offered

  • Fishing Services
    • Cased Hole
    • Open hole
  • Milling Services
    • Whipstock
    • Section Milling                   
    • Pilot Milling
  • Well Services
    • Plug & Abandonment
    • Slot Recovery
  • Thru-Tubing Services
    • Fishing
    • Milling
    • Packers & Plugs
    • Screens & Screen Hang Offs
    • Underreaming
    • Wash Tools
    • Shifting Tools
    • Impact Tools
    • Jars & Accelerators
  • Wellbore Cleanout & Displacement Tools
    • Shoe Track Drill-outs
    • Reverse Circulating
    • Debris Mitigation

Specialty Tools Offered

  • External Catch Tools
    • Wide-Catch Overshot
  • Cut & Pull Tools
    • CPT (Casing Pulling Tool)
    • SOLO System (One-Trip Cut & Pull)
  • Casing Exits
    • Whipstock System (Hydraulic & Mechanical & Open Hole)
  • P&A / Section Milling                   
    • Marine Cutter
    • Modular Section Mill
    • Dual Section Mill (Section-In-Section)*
  • Wellbore Cleanup Tools
    • Vacuum Type Debris Recovery Tool ("EVE" Tool)
  • Gravel Pack Screen Recovery
    • One-Trip Washover System ("Eliminator")

*Section in a Section (SNS) is a U. S. Patented product.
See below for patent details. 


Competitive Advantage (Team, Reaction Time, Development Capabilities, Service)


Our management team and well-site personnel average over 20 years in the industry and most of their experience is in the fishing sector of the oil and gas industry. The majority of our team has worked together for several years. This elite team is a cohesive unit that shares the same goals and objectives.

It is understood that providing such “high quality service” is in great demand for the drill-ing, completing, recompleting and the plugging and abandoning of oil and gas wells. The goal is to create a solution using a quality product and service that will help our clients reduce their overall cost and reduce the time and risk associated with oil and gas operations. These unique features will place WFR ahead of the competition.

Reaction Time

We have yards in Port Fourchon and Texas City. These strategic locations place us near the loading docks and can serve as holding locations for fishing tools. This eliminates shipping time, which can dramatically impact the bottom line by reducing NPT.

Development Capabilities

This is an ever-changing industry with new needs being identified daily. Initially, we will focus on two opportunities, real time technology to monitor tool performance parameters and high performance tool properties for extreme deep-water service applications. Future research and development will be applied to challenges and opportunities as warranted. New equipment and process solutions will be a constant progression in evaluating tool design, product performance, and personnel training.


WFR provides the highest quality services and products. Our team ranks amongst the highest in the industry regarding relative work experience and our suite of tools is brand new and of the highest quality. We take pride in offering our customers quality solutions, service, and equipment.


U. S. Patents Held by WFR

Oilfield Downhole/Wellbore Section Mill [Section in a Section Mill (SNS)], U.S. Pat. No. 10,161,209, Issued: 12/25/2018