Wellbore Fishing & Rental Tools, LLC (“WFR”) operates in the Gulf of Mexico shelf, deepwater, and US Land markets providing drilling, completion, recompletion, casing exits, plug and abandonment, and Thru-Tubing Fishing solutions to oil & gas operators. We have operations facilities located in Houma, LA and Midland, TX.

WFR has some of the most talented individuals in the fishing industry. This unique group of personnel averages over 20 years of experience identifying opportunities, planning quality and economical solutions for issues oil and gas companies face. This “management team” has a wide range ofexperience in fishing and rental tool services.

Fishing tool service companies have many tools that can be configured in numerous ways to find solutions to problems with equipment that is broken or lost in the hole. At WFR our model is to bring many opportunities to the fishing industry that separates us from our competitors; including the development of highly specialized tools. All fishing tool companies have thousands of standard tools. It is the use of these standard tools in combination with other highly specialized tools configured the right way to minimize NPT (non-productive time) for the client that will separate our company from the other fishing tool service companies.

For many companies, the determining factor when choosing a fishing tool company is the quality of “service” received (In the client’s office, response at the district level, and competent service from the Field Supervisor and Engineers). In many cases, customers will select a fishing tool service company based on the representative because of relationships and clear communication and understanding of what’s involved in fishing tool selection and operations. Traditionally fishing tools are marketed through the use of everyday salesmen who call on customers in the oil and gas markets; however, this method often results in salesman pushing products or tools without any actual knowledge of how it works or if it is even the best solution to the problem. In addition to a wide variety of fishing tools, WFR model utilizes technical salesmen who act as consultants, providing a heightened level of service and knowledge to the customer.

WFR provides a premium service to the customer. The management team’s experience, combined with high quality tools, quality processes, and rapid response to the customer’s needs place WFR above the competing fishing tool companies.