Environmental, Social & Governance

Today’s environmental and societal challenges are changing the world as we know it. Wellbore Fishing & Rental Tools, LLC (WFR) is committed to becoming part of the solution to address these challenges.

At WFR, we are committed to building a long-term, sustainable and rapid growth business that generates economic benefit to all its stakeholders in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We want to grow our business while positively impacting the world in which we live. Our actions start in the specific areas where we have the skills and ability to make an impact, underpinned by our three core values based on a foundation of Trust and Agility: Better Every Day, One Team, and Customer Obsessed.

Environmental Responsibility

The company is at the beginning of its environmental stewardship journey. We recognize that the world faces environmental challenges and are committed to doing our part to protect and preserve the environment. We will implement environmentally responsible actions consistent with the size of our business and our ability to make a meaningful impact.

Our green initiatives center around eco-friendly education/resources/best practices we conduct in our offices and at home; and investing in organizations/services that focus on promoting a healthy and safe environment to help tackle issues such as climate change and environmental racism.

Social Responsibility

WFR is proud of its culture of respect and empathy for all employees and the community at large. We embrace and value diversity in all its forms, whether gender, age, ethnicity or cultural background. Equal opportunity is integral to our recruitment process, as we aim to develop a community of diverse talent. We seek to maintain a positive workplace, free from discrimination and harassment. We champion pay equity and mutual respect, promoting an environment of fairness and equality. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion applies to the highest levels of the organization, including at the board level, where we recognize that diversity strengthens board performance and promotes long-term shareholder value.

We strive to make company employees feel like they belong and are cared for by creating a safe and fun work environment where we are respectful of one another. Our Conduct of Conduct, which is fundamental to creating a culture of integrity, underlies how company employees treat each other, customers, suppliers and the community at large.

Physical and financial wellness are at the core of our employee benefit programs. We support our employees through pay practices that are competitive with the market for same or similar jobs, qualifications and experience; to health insurance and a 401(k)-program designed to help employees meet their specific financial needs. Other programs such as our safe workplace practices, vacation and leave policies contribute to our employees’ work life balance.

WFR pursues philanthropic initiatives by encouraging employees to become involved in the communities where we work by providing time, talent, and resources to important causes.

We also aim to work with business partners that share a similar commitment to ESG and expect all company vendors to act in a manner consistent with our Business Partner Code of Conduct.


Strong governance is exercised by the company’s Board of Directors and executive leadership. Paying close attention to the adherence of ethical business practices and prudent risk management are critical ingredients to the company’s long-term value creation for investors and other stakeholders. This includes a sound approach to corporate governance that complies with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies, as well as unwavering adherence to our company values.

We are committed to doing the right thing in every case, without exception. Every employee is expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards informed by our Code of Conduct.

We encourage honest and direct communication to resolve issues and concerns in a timely manner. All employees are empowered to raise issues and concerns with their managers. If uncomfortable doing so, the company has established a procedure that provides an alternative and anonymous means of reporting suspected compliance violations, unlawful or unethical behavior, or fraud.